By jenny

Pixalux is a structural, frameless light panel that is double sided and edge lit. Perfect for use in Retail Stores, POS displays and promotional units where power is accessible. Highly energy efficient, it runs off 12V LEDs, which offer little to no heat, yet high illumination capabilities. Lighting all products evenly above and below, Pixalux eliminates the hidden dark spots at the rear of shelves/bays, glorifying any product on display. This patented Australian made electronically controlled LED technology allows for easily changeable colours for special promotions, or to set the mood – for example; blue or to match a brand colour.

This pristine and smart lighting option is readily available to be custom fitted onto any display. Undoubtedly, Pixalux creates a clear point of difference for the brands over their competitors, whilst drawing the attention of the consumer to the glorified product.