Transparent LCD Screens


Transparent LCD Screens
By jenny

Transparent LCD Screens can be utilised as interactive hotspots, display cabinets, refrigerator and freezer doors, giving brands the opportunity to draw the customer to the display. Integration of the physical and digital realms is the core in this new user experience. The screens allow customers to interact and be informed or educated, with key information on the products.

The Mirror Screens provide assistance for customers during application and trialling of products. For example, clothing matches can be communicated to the customer whilst they are in the fitting rooms. Ultimately, these lively billboards serve to better communicate product information, thus boosting consumer confidence to purchase.

All digital units have touch screen and motion sensing capabilities with built in 3-4G, allowing instantaneous update of the media/content nationwide, or even internationally. Our iCreate media business can manage creation and conversion of content upon client request. Furthermore, iCreate provides ongoing support for all LCD products from our offices in the Docklands in Melbourne.