Avoiding Clutter in a Limited Retail Space

July 29th, 2016

If you own or operate a retail store that contains limited space to display your merchandise, you must plan the layout of your store carefully to avoid clutter. Customers need to be able to see all merchandise easily, or you may lose a sale. With the right approach to the store’s design, though, you can display an adequate amount of stock in a clutter-free manner in your limited retail space fitout. Just follow the plan below to accomplish this goal.

1. Space floor displays in a non-crowded manner throughout your store in an orderly fashion. Remember that the main aisles need to lead to the various sections of your store. Each department needs proper signage to identify it.

2. Utilise the walls as display areas for merchandise, such as shoes, handbags or even bottles of wine just for a few examples. By doing this, you reserve the floor area for merchandise that will not fit on the walls.

3. Build displays vertically and horizontally to utilise your limited retail space fitout in an efficient manner. This will keep clutter at a minimum while still offering merchandise to customers in an attractive manner.

4. Place fast sellers at eye level and leave the lower and upper areas for those items that are seasonal or slow selling. Customers always notice the merchandise in this zone first before they move onto the other items.

5. You need to remember that the backroom is to store your overstock. Never place the overstock on display racks unless you are holding a special sale since this will clutter the racks unnecessarily, and this is what you are trying to prevent in your small store.

6. Install temporary displays to highlight new products in a prominent place in a department or nearby the POS area. Displays such as these are highly portable and easy to assemble and disassemble as needed.

7. Turn to custom options whenever stock ones will not work for your limited space.

8. Draw attention to your displays with specially lit shelves or with spotlights. These lighting options will not take up an excessive amount of space and thereby, will help you prevent clutter.

On top of all the above ways to avoid clutter in a limited retail space fitout, you need to consult with our professional company, iCreate Retail Solutions. We can guide you through the process of arranging your store in a highly organized manner that will entice your customers into making a purchase. Our company has a number of innovations that will highlight your merchandise in the ideal manner, regardless of whether it is a clothing store, liquor store, grocery store or other type of retail shop.

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