Benefits of Modern Wall Units with Mirrors for Retail Stores

September 30th, 2016

The retail business is so competitive at present that if you do not include the right elements in your store, you will fail to reach optimal success. For example, modern wall units with mirrors play an important role throughout retail stores and deserve special attention when you perform a store fitout or remodel. They serve a variety of purposes, including display enhancers, light reflectors, theft deterrents and trial aids in the dressing rooms.

Display Enhancers

Wall units that contain mirrors in the back of a shoe display allow customers to view all sides of the shoes at one glance. In addition, these reflective elements make jewellery pieces gleam brighter under the store lights to attract the attention of all who walk by, which increases your chance for sales.

Light and Image Reflectors

Mirror units for the wall also reflect light and images back into the room to enhance the appearance of the store. When you install these units in the right places, you even create the illusion of additional space. At times, customers may notice merchandise in the mirror reflections as they walk through the store and seek it out to make a purchase.

Theft Deterrents

Modern wall units with mirrors help deter theft since they make customers more visible to sales associates and members of the security force at the store. Thieves are quite devious in their methods today, so this is an important benefit of installing mirror units throughout your establishment.

Trial Aids in the Fitting Rooms

One area of your store where mirrors probably are the most crucial is in the fitting rooms. Without these, customers cannot visualise how they look in your latest fashion offerings. As a result, sales will plummet to an all-time low without mirrors. Mirror Screens are the latest innovation for this area to assist customers during the try-on process. Screens such as these interact with customers to show them virtual clothing suggestions that they may not consider when they are perusing the aisles of the store. On top of this, the screens will provide valuable product information without the need of a salesperson. Customers feel confident in purchasing the clothing that they see in these screens and sales increase when you are wise enough to include them in your fitting rooms.

Consult with iCreate Solutions for further facts about the benefits of modern wall units with mirrors in retail stores. We will supply and install the Mirror Screens and other mirror units for your establishment to enhance your business and sales. Our company also offers additional products and services.

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