Design a Better Retail Store Layout with Additional Focus on Profitability and Security

Design a Better Retail Store Layout with Additional Focus on Profitability and Security

March 31st, 2016

When sales in your retail establishment decline and shoplifting is on the rise, it is time to revise your retail store layout to increase its profitability and security. At times, this is just a matter of a few minor changes, but at other times, the store may need a complete overhaul of its retail store design. Along with arranging the store in a different manner, you should consider new displays and an increase of lighting throughout the store in various ways. Customers will delight with your efforts, and this will lead to them shopping in your store more often.

Rearrange the Store

Draw up a plan that rearranges the store and includes aisles leading to specific sections of the shop. When you lay out the store in this manner, shoppers will understand that turning left on a particular aisle leads to bedding, for one example. In addition, the aisles should be wide enough for customers to move easily throughout the store. Narrow aisles create problems when the store is full of prospective buyers.

You should categorise the merchandise appropriately and place it in the correct department. For example, women’s underwear garments need to be in one section of the store in order to make it easy for the women to locate their size in bras, panties or other items without confusion. Another example would be to locate all the fresh produce in the same area of a grocery store if that is part of the available merchandise that you have for sale.

Install New Display Options

Along with rearranging the aisle layout of your retail store layout, you should install updated display options. Displaying your merchandise in the latest ways appeals to today’s consumers. The current offerings in this area include such options as:

• Transparent LCD Screens
• Pop-Up F.S.D.U. Units
• Pixalux Light Panels
• Levitating Displays
• Custom Cabinetry

Improve the Lighting in Your Retail Store

Brighten the lighting of your retail store design to deter the desires of shoplifters. These unsavoury people watch for areas of vulnerability in shops to strike to carry off merchandise without notice. If you illuminate your store in the right manner, shoplifters are more noticeable to the surrounding customers and your staff members. In addition, display lighting such as Pixalux sheets will brighten the shelves to also become a theft deterrent. While you cannot eliminate all thievery with these measures, you can drastically reduce the incidences of it.

To enact all the above measures and more, hire our company of iCreate Retail Solutions to design, build where necessary, provide product options and install all desired elements to improve your retail store layout. Through our expert services, you will receive a retail store design with increased profitability and security features.

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