Essentials to Keep in Mind with a Retail Store Design

Essentials to Keep in Mind with a Retail Store Design

February 29th, 2016

Whether you sell groceries, clothes, confectioneries or other products, there are certain essentials to consider with your retail store design. These essentials include display options that suit your products, a consumer-friendly store layout, quality lighting for the display areas, storage options for excess stock, and more.

Eye-Catching Display Options Tailored to Your Products

Display options today are eye-catching to attract the attention of consumers while being tailored to your specific products. After all, you display clothing on racks and shelves while fresh produce is in refrigerated, open units to retain their freshness and for easy accessibility. You also will discover portable units that allow you to bring certain merchandise to the attention of your customers temporarily. Permanent shelves and wall units in unique configurations are also possible for shoes, candles and other types of merchandise. When jewellery is your product of choice, special display cases allow you to showcase various pieces while being able to lock them for security purposes.

Adequate Lighting for Display Options

Quality lighting allows the customers to view the products, even from the other side of the aisle and therefore, it is one of the essentials to include your retail store design. LED lighting options at present include the Pixalux frameless, structural, double-sided light panel that is edge lit for optimal illumination. This panel is highly adaptable to numerous types of display options and situations.

Custom Joinery and Fabrication for Display and Storage Units

Today, do not just rely on stock units for display and storage of excess stock when custom options are available with fabrication or joinery techniques. Fabrication choices include injection moulding, diamond polishing, vacuum forming, welding, tube laser cutting, bending, die cutting, printed display bins and more depending on whether you select plastic, metal or cardboard for the basis of your fabrication project. Custom joinery provides unique timber cabinetry and woodworking options for your store in a quality manner.

Customer-Friendly Layout

The layout of your store must be customer friendly in order to keep the consumers coming back for return visits. Each aisle should smoothly transition into another one throughout the store. Consumers need to move from one department to another without confusion. They will shop elsewhere when they cannot locate the merchandise that they need or wish to purchase easily and hassle-free.

The above are a sampling of the essentials to consider with a retail store design. Consult with our professional staff to learn additional information about how our company can help create and outfit the ideal design for your store.

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