iCreate Solutions: Newly Appointed Agent of Clay Concepts

June 20th, 2016

iCreate Solutions is proud to say that they are a newly appointed agent of Clay Concepts. It is a renowned brand that is truly an inspiration for all interior designers and home decorators. Clay Concepts – is teeming with unfired clay tiles that are inspired by nature and genuinely earthy tones. The unique tiles are available in a diversity of up-to-the-minute tones and textures.

A Variety of Applications

The unfired clay tiles at Clay Concepts are extra-thin, versatile and flexible. In fact, the tiles can be cut and bent into most any shape. And with great flexibility, the tiles easily make a grand statement that offers comfort, warmth and texture.

The tiles at Clay Concepts also offer a variety of applications for both interior and exterior design. The exquisite tiles are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways and outdoor living environments. Also, Clay Concepts has the perfect balance between trending styles and timeless beauty. As well, a homeowner can choose between traditional in-style design and a unique touch.

A Variety of Collections

Clay Concepts has a variety of innovative unfired clay tiles that will always stand out and make a statement. Each style has its own distinct character and is crafted from unearthed raw clay. The design also utilizes wood, leather and stone textures to create genuine finishes. For instance, some of the textures include leather, unique weave, crocodile and elephant. For a more acquiescent look, you can select concrete travertine, brick, timber or stone.

Plus, no matter which style you choose, each finish embodies durability, stability and a trendy that has a cost effective solution to your decorating needs.

Environmentally Friendly

The tile at Clay Concepts is very Eco friendly. In truth, when it comes to sustainable living the unfired clay tiles are the perfect choice. Each tile is crafted from earthen clay soils and aggregates. To top it off, there are no harmful colour additives used. Plus, the making of the tiles has lowered the impact on the global environmental footprint. Once collected and transformed into a work of art, the tiles are heated at low temperatures to perfection.


The clay tiles are quite versatile and accommodating. The ultra-thin tiles are only 2.5mm to 5mm. And instead of waiting weeks for the product, elaborate designs and curves are easily attained in hours or days. As well, install is simple with an angle grinder or handsaw and a flexible adhesive to attach to surfaces. What is more, current surfaces can be covered rapidly, sometimes without having to remove old surfaces. Further, the lightweight material will quickly and easily transform a stagnant room into a stunning design.

Moreover, as a newly appointed agent of Clay Concepts, iCreate Solutions can help you decide on the ideal nature inspired tile to fit your desires perfectly.

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