How Poor Signage Can Become a Problem in a Retail Fitout

July 15th, 2016

Signage plays a vital role in the success of a retail fitout in various ways throughout the years. Effective placement of quality signs creates an uncomplicated shopping experience for shoppers while poor placement of these signs or ill-designed signs will lead to an unsatisfactory experience for your customers. The latter may lower the profitability of your retail establishment. Just examine the problems that your shop will suffer from when you fail to give sufficient attention to signage.

Customers Have Trouble Locating Store

When the outside signage is inadequate, customers will have a difficult time locating your store. Today, shoppers lead hectic lives and do not have the time to search aimlessly for your shop in among the many other retail establishments in the area. They may wind up leaving the area instead of making the extra effort to locate your store.

Poor Navigation through the Inside of the Store

Quality signs should point the way to each department of your shop to ensure easy navigation through your store for customers. When you fail to accomplish this, customers are not sure which direction to turn to reach the merchandise that they desire to purchase from you. They will leave your store in a huff without purchasing even one item in some cases if you fail to include the right signs in your retail fitout.

Customers Will Have Difficulty Locating Products

Another purpose of signage is to identify the products on each shelf or display. The customers can read the price, size and other important information in this signage whenever necessary. Without these facts, shoppers may not purchase your merchandise. This will cause sales to wane and cause your store financial loss.

Shoppers Will Turn Elsewhere to Buy Merchandise

When poor signage confuses shoppers instead of leading them down a well-defined path, they will shop elsewhere to purchase merchandise. You need to prevent this from happening by installing clear, attractive signs in all the appropriate locations. By doing this, you will provide your customers with a satisfactory experience in your retail establishment.

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