Retail Display Tips and Ideas That Work to “Wow” Customers

August 25th, 2016

To entice customers into purchasing the merchandise in your retail store, you must display all items in an eye-catching manner. Figuring out exactly how to achieve this can be mind-boggling, though, without the right knowledge and guidance. Our display tips and ideas below will lead you in the right direction in order for your establishment to realise an increase in sales.

Illuminate Displays Whenever Possible

Customers will not notice certain items unless you illuminate the displays to draw their attention to them. While spotlights and overhead lighting works adequately in some cases, at other times, you need to install lighting on the display shelves with such products as Pixalux frameless light panels.

Utilise Temporary Options to Highlight New Products

An effective option to highlight the weekly specials or new products is by displaying them on temporary, self-assembling or pop-up Free Standing Display Units or F.S.D.U., which you can quickly install or move as necessary. Units such as these are useful in various locations throughout your store to push all sorts of merchandise.

Allow the Customers to Interact with Displays

Create displays that your customers can interact with easily to discover further information about your products. For example, Transparent LCD Screens turn regular displays into interactive hotspots. Customers on their own can operate these screens to learn key facts about the products in these displays.

Think Outside the Box When Showcasing Products

Instead of displaying merchandise in traditional ways, think outside the box. Customers notice unusual display methods such as the Levitation Display that suspends a bottled product or other type of product in mid-air. They will marvel at how the item stays in position without falling while they consider purchasing it.

Showcase Merchandise on Your Walls

The walls of your store are ideal places for attractive displays of a variety of products to draw your customers to them. Racks, shelves and cabinets are a few examples of the types of elements that you can install on your walls to show off your goods.

Hire Our Professional Company

Along with the above tips and ideas, hire our professional company to learn how to ‘wow’ your customers with your retail display choices. We can provide all the products mentioned earlier along with other services, materials and processes to help your business attain optimal success. Our company specialises in innovative design, prototyping, manufacturing, delivery and even installation along with other offerings that benefit the retail sector. When you turn to us, we will analyse your entire business from the point-of-sale or POS stations to how you display your merchandise and provide you with expert guidance and viable solutions.

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