Retail Store Design Technologies and Products: The Endless Possibilities

Retail Store Design Technologies and Products: The Endless Possibilities

March 7th, 2016

A retail store must attract and hold the attention of its patrons in order to propel to success. Thanks to the latest technologies and products for retail store design, you have endless possibilities on how to enhance and outfit your store in a functional, creative manner. The technologies help to create display and storage units, signage and other useful objects for your store while the latest products enhance your efforts. Our company, iCreate Retail Solutions, is an expert in providing retail establishments with their outfitting needs, including the most current technologies and products.

Technologies That Bring Design Ideas to Life

Once we meet with you to discover the scope of your design project, we draw up a plan and will even utilise prototyping methods to construct a model for concept testing and pre-production evaluation. After the prototyping process is complete, we proceed with the rest of the project.

Another one of the technologies that we utilise is our plastic fabrication that includes bending, CNC or laser cutting, welding, diamond polishing, thermoforming, vacuum forming and injection moulding to create various plastic features for your retail shop. Our company also offers custom joinery for timber cabinetry and other special woodworking options with the rich look of wood grain.

If plastic or timber are not your materials of choice, we also perform metal fabrication. We weld, bend, tube laser cut and powder coat to manufacture metal objects according to your specifications. In addition, we skillfully do wire work when necessary. When you require portable stands to display merchandise, we will die cut cardboard to create the perfect size of display stands or even dump bins. On top of this, we will print your message on the stands. Speaking of printing, we offer digital and offset printing along with decals, signage and 2-Pac painting.

Products That Enhance Your Retail Store 

We carry the following products to enhance your store’s interior to capture the attention of your customers:

• Transparent LCD Screens turn ordinary spots in the stores to interactive hotspots. They draw the attention of customers to various products through integration with digital or physical information.

• Pop-Up F.S.D.U. or Free Standing Display Units are easy and quick to set up in stores and come with options such as adjustable mobile bases.

• Pixalux Panels are frameless, structural light panels that are edge lit and double sided. The panels are ideal for lighting promotional and display units when power is available. Since the lighting is via 12V LEDs, the panels are highly energy efficient. Various options in these panels are available from our company.

• Levitating Displays help highlight certain products by rotating them suspended in the air. As the product turns around in the display, customers are able to see all aspects of it.

When you turn to modern technologies and products such as the ones above to create your retail store design, you will make a unique statement about your company. You will have a highly functional and attractive store that will provide a pleasurable experience for customers.

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