Space Saving Retail Store Designs for Small Retail Stores

April 28th, 2016

When retailers have shops of limited space, they must decorate in such a way as to conserve as much floor space as possible to provide customers ease of navigation through the store. If you are one of these retailers, you can seek the help of iCreate Retail Solutions to discover effective space saving retail store designs for small retail stores. We will offer you products that display products in a highly efficient manner while they conserve your space at the same time. 

Wall Displays for Shoes

We will design and install wall displays to exhibit shoes or other products on the wall instead of on tables that require floor space. Displays such as these can be customised according to the configuration that is suitable for your store.

Refrigerated Displays for Produce

In the event that you sell groceries, you may require refrigerated displays for produce that occupy floor space in a conservative manner. These displays allow you to place a variety of produce out for inspection by your customers while still keeping it at the correct temperature to ensure its freshness.

Levitating Displays

A unique way to bring attention to wines, soft drinks or other bottled products is to suspend them in levitating displays. Levitation display units work through the pull of a magnetic field that allows bottles to spin around in midair. Customer cannot resist stopping at these displays to observe the products.

Pop-Up F.S.D.U. for Portable Displays

A pop-up, freestanding display unit or F.S.D.U. allows you to highlight certain products temporarily in one location and then change the products and location in the store quickly and easily whenever necessary. An added bonus of these displays is that they are self-assembling. The header is customisable enabling you to insert your own distinct brand on it.

Transparent LCD Screens Turn Displays into Interactive Hot Spots 

Turn your display units into interactive hot spots to enable your customers to access product information without waiting on a salesperson by installing transparent LCD screens on them. Customers delight in the convenient way to learn about your products in an independent manner. 

Pixalux Light Panels Provide Illumination

Whichever choices that you decide on for shelving displays, also consider illuminating them with our Pixalux light panels. Panels such as these shine sufficient light on your products in promotional units and POS displays where there is an available power source nearby. LED lights are in these panels and they provide maximum illumination without overheating the displays.

For further information on these space saving retail store designs for small retail stores, consult with our company. We will further explain the above options on top of our other services and products that we can provide your store.

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