Strategies in Creating the Perfect Display Units for a Retail Store Design

April 14th, 2016

Every retail store owner and their managers want to achieve the elusive ‘perfect display’ for their store’s products, who wouldn’t, because if it is done right it can robustly increase sales, and that is what ‘it’ is all about, turning a profit. For example, have you ever walked into a large chain store and saw their display units, and then walked out with great ideas about your own retail store design?

Well, many have done just that, because there are winning strategies for creating the perfect display that are unknown to even the most well-seasoned business owners.

Strategies for Perfect Display Units

The secret strategies to create the perfect display unit are not hidden, some are in plain sight, but are not being utilised by retail stores, as you will soon discover:

Let your windows shine – whether inside a mall or on a street-side, retail stores rely on windows to show people their wares who pass by, but many retailers do not use their window spaces to their full potential, and thus lose out on the benefits of a proven sales canvas. Your store’s windows receive more ‘eye’ visitors than your front door by as much as 90%, if you don’t use them properly.

Setting up display units in such a way to maximise your window space is what will get you more customers, and that is what iCreate Retail Solutions can do for you – create perfect unit displays that get ‘eye’ customers to bring their feet inside your store. Once inside your retail store, displays of other products must also be effectively created and positioned to maximise your products and service to their full potential.

Show them the way – surprisingly, many retail store isles lead to a dead-end, meaning that there isn’t a final destination or sales display to greet them. This is another important strategy to lure customers’ attention, to create a desire to buy your products, and you can see it clearly in action when you visit large retail chain stores. The good news, you can reproduce this same effective sales tactic in your store.

Here at iCreate Retail Solutions, we are knowledgeable about the many strategies that large retail chains use to effectively increase their sales, by creating the perfect display unit for your retail store. Let us help you thrive in business, call us today for more information about creating custom displays that will get customers excited about the brand of products you sell.

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