The Impact of Digital Visual Merchandising in Retail Stores

September 12th, 2016

For years, retailers have known that merchandise must be displayed in an eye-pleasing manner for shoppers to carry through with a purchase. Today, they also need to add digital elements to ensure that their visual marketing is up to date and as effective as possible. After all, consumers are bombarded with these elements each day on their computers, phones and tablets. They have grown to expect retail stores to entice them with intriguing digital visual marketing. Any retailer not utilising this type of marketing fails to capture the full attention of the modern-day shoppers.

Digital Elements That You Need to Include in Your Retail Establishment

You should create interactive hotspots by installing transparent LCD screens on display units, appliances and other places in the store to allow your customers to receive additional information without the need of a clerk to assist them. Screens such as these can relate the materials and ingredients in a product or how to use the item in the proper manner.

On top of these interactive hotspots, mirror screens can provide shoppers with additional clothing ideas as they try on various styles in the fitting room. Shoppers will appreciate this type of assistance, especially when salespeople are busy with other customers. The interactive screens even may answer all the questions the consumers have on merchandise before the salespeople can reach them, which often expedites the sale process.

Benefits of Digital Transparent LCD or Mirror Screens

All digital screens come with 3G/4G connectivity capabilities that allow you to update your content or media easily and quickly, whether it is from a national or international source. A benefit such as this allows you to provide your customers with the latest product information and features continually throughout the year.

Another advantage to these screens is the fact that customers are drawn to new products more quickly since they do not need to wait for salespeople to introduce them to these latest offerings or other merchandise that they also may like to purchase. This can be especially helpful during busy shopping seasons that occur periodically throughout the year. All of this means an increase in sales.

When in search of these digital visual marketing elements, turn to iCreate Retail Solutions. We offer the transparent LCD and mirror screens along with full media and content support. Our company also can help you with other elements that will boost your revenue. Just contact our company and tell us your needs, and we will explain in detail how we can assist you.

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