Tips on Planning a Successful Shop Design and Fitout

May 18th, 2016

When you plan a design for a retail shop’s fitout, you must keep in mind that the layout and other details need to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. If the layout is difficult to navigate, uninteresting, crowded or has inadequate lighting, customers will opt to shop elsewhere today. The customers should be eager to enter your store to explore all the nooks and crannies of its display area and not dread walking into it. We provide you a number of tips on planning an effective shop design and fitout in the following list.

1. Exterior Signage Is Vital

Ensure that your exterior signage is visible to all who pass by your store. The signage is the first necessary enticement to lure shoppers inside the building. It should contain the name of your establishment in large letters and lighting for easy viewing both day and night.

2. Aisles Need to Be Easy to Navigate

Customers should be able to navigate the aisles of your store with ease, especially if your establishment provides shopping carts. Nothing is as aggravating to a shopper as crowded aisles that do not allow turn-around space for carts.

3. Attention-Getting Displays Should Be Visible from the Aisles

Products that you wish to highlight in your store should be on eye-catching displays that are visible from the aisles. By doing this, customers will easily notice the products and be more apt to purchase them. Keep this in mind when planning your shop design and fitout.

4. Lighting Is Crucial for Your Store

One element of your store that you must not scrimp on is the lighting. Not only should you install adequate lighting overhead with the latest in technology, but you should also install light panels in displays such as the ones by Pixalux. Panels such as these offer soft illumination to enhance your product displays when they are near a power source.

5. A Variety of Displays Will Enhance the Shopping Experience

The displays should vary throughout the store to enhance the experience of shoppers. Displays such as the Pop-Up F.S.D.U. ones are suitable for branding, portable and self-assembling. They allow you to highlight different items each week in a different part of the store. Wall displays are ideal for shoes, purses or other products without consuming your valuable floor space. Levitating displays gently rotate bottles in mid-air to capture the interest of customers.

For help incorporating these tips and others into your new shop design and fitout, contact our company, ‘icreate Retail Solutions’. We are fitout experts, and we will provide the right solutions for your store fitout to help your establishment reach and maintain success.

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